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The GoGoGuy Advantage

1. You may be having an online store and already have loyal customers ordering your products online. GoGoGuy works alongside your own online store. Listing with us means more customers see and buy your products. We are not in competition with your online store or your retail store. We are essentially a second point of sale to increase the sales of your brand.

2. If you don’t have an online store, GoGoGuy is as good as having your own online store. Running an online store is a specialized task, that we are very good at. We can replace your need for a safe, professional, amazingly designed, user friendly site. We give your products or services an online presence and a wider audience reach. Your products/ services can be available at a verified and secure online store and boost your brand value.

What we don’t do.

We don’t list poor quality products.

There are enough sites for people to by poor quality products and junk. We are the online good guys. We want our customers to be delighted with their purchases and keep coming back to shop with us.

We don’t list products that are not originals.

If it is fake. We don’t take. Our reputation and customer satisfaction are the most important factors for our growth. We do everything possible to earn and maintain the trust of our customers.

We don’t compete with your retail.

We help you reach our loyal online customers, so they can get to know your brand and products. Our online presence is designed to enhance your brand image and encourage more sales in both retail and online sales.

We don’t purchase stock, we only work on consignment basis

The seller sends goods to us. We the reseller pay the seller only as and when the goods are sold. The seller remains the owner (title holder) of the goods until they are paid for in full and, after a certain period, takes back the unsold goods.

What we do.

We do professional photo shoots.

Great pictures help you sell better. We take beautiful, high resolution and professional pictures of your products. You get great brand display at GoGoGuy. This is a big advantage as professionally done product shoots are expensive.

SEO for your brand/product

Search Engine Optimization makes your brand and products more visible, when people do a Google search. SEO is a careful mix of art, analytics and science.

SMO for your brand/product

Social Media Optimization is creating online content that is shared through social networks. More people hear about your brand when people share information about your brand. Kind of like the digital word of mouth.

We do PPC ads

We do well crafted Pay Per Click ads for targeted demographics. PPC ads are a great tool to bring in greater visibility to your brand.

We do blogging

GoGoGuy creates great reads about products and brands that shoppers love to read. Through these we educate our existing and potential customers about your brand.

We do newsletters

Let us know, when you got something new happening. We will inform our customers about your big news through our newsletter.