About Us

Our Company
Ramar General Trading LLC is a Dubai based importer and distributor. Ramar’s senior management has over 50 years of combined cross-disciplinary experience in FMCG, pharmaceutical, F&B, retail and advertising.

Our Advantage
Dubai is a global trading hub with world-class infrastructure, logistics, and financial services. The city is powered by a cosmopolitan society where residents and visitors alike create a demand for brands and products of a diverse range. We have an extensive network of retail partners comprising of pharmacies, supermarkets, salons, community stores, gas station retail and ecommerce platforms.

Our Position
We tend to focus on one brand in a category at a time to ensure comprehensive focus is provided. This translate into better positioning, acceptance and growth for a brand and its business especially during its launch & establishment phase. Thus avoiding any form of brand dilution.

Our Commitment
We being a general trading license holder ( license with the broadest range of business activities) we are highly capable of handling all matter related to product approvals, registration with government authorities related to consumer products safety and import. We are debt free and can sufficiently self finance our operations with access to institutional finance at any time if needed


RAMAR General Trading LLC
P.O. Box: 115472, Muteena Technic Building
Office 201, Salah Al Din Road
Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +971 4 254 9924